Can You Beat the Casino in Slots?

progressive jackpot expected value

Coalescent Systems breaks down all the facets of gamblers strategies. The hardest games to beat are the games hosted by casino’s, as all of the slots and table games have a computer system which keeps the return on invest for an average player under 100%. However, on occasion, you can play even slot machines

Progressive Jackpots Are the Key

We need to make a differentiation between standard video slots and progressive jackpot slots. In progressive jackpot games, the expected value can turn positive when the large prize sum is large enough.

However, there is no way for a regular player to tell when the expected value turns positive. At Coalescent Systems we have concluded the sum is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 million dollars in Mega Fortune and for Hall of Gods, it’s at 3-4 million. However, as a disclaimer, we must state that the research is not conclusive, as no one outside of the slots’ creators knows the sophisticated algorithms well enough.

In traditional video slots, you’ll be playing in a financially disadvantageous situation. But casino bonuses can change that.

Make Sure to Use Casino Bonuses

When you play slots for fun, you should look to lose as less money as possible. This can be accomplished by using casino bonuses offered by different online casino outfits, and also their continuing campaigns.

The competition among online casinos is fierce, so the players always profit from the one-upping. Especially players in Canada can benefit greatly from the bonuses, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of such lavish offers.

In later articles, we will dive deeper into the casino bonus world and recommend the most trustworthy sources for casino bonuses.